Thursday, April 1, 2010


It seems that my face book account has been closed. They won’t tell me why. However, on their “Ask” page it does list some things. But nothing to indicate as to why my account was closed.
Now, I’ve not stalked anyone.
I’ve not threatened anyone.
I have however, been threatened for my lack of religious “beliefs.”
I just wonder if those individuals had their accounts closed as well?
Now did I post thing like I post on here?
I had one picture that was removed some time ago.
Not a problem.
Had I asked a lot of people recently to become friends?
Yes I had.
But I for the most part only invited those with the atheist “A” on their picture.
I did send them a question asking as to “why” but I’m not betting the ranch on it.


I have been informed by my account on your site has been disabled.
I have received threats from some members and have actually filed a complaint against one who makes it a hobby to find those, like myself, who are an atheist.
I have also been verbally attacked by others in the past.
I have also have some trouble recently with someone trying to hack into my e-mail account here on yahoo.
I may have also had someone try to hack into my account on Facebook.
I have NOT received ANY notification of my being in ANY VIOLATION of your company's policy.
I think I may have had a photo removed but that, if it did happen, was quite some time ago.
Now I have recently attempted to add "Friends" who are also atheists like myself.
I have also joined some groups that are atheist based as well. Some are located outside the US.
As for those individuals I have attempt to add, the mast majority of them have the atheist "A" on their photo or something similar.
I do not go out looking on your site for trouble.
I do not go out looking for religious believers of any kind to attack or try to change them to my way of thinking.
But I along with other atheists have had people attacks us and in some cases tell us to "die" and what have you.
Is that an accepted action Facebook allows for those who follow a religion? To attack others who do not?
Could you also tell me just how many other Atheists have had their accounts closed for similar things?

Or could you inform me of who has been trying to hack into my account?
Sincerely, Ima