Monday, May 24, 2010


I live in Texas.
I’ve always been an atheist.
All my life I’ve had to put up with these bible pounding clowns who think their “Manure” does not stink.
Well it does.
I’ve seen these clown just ruin a college.
At first there were no preachers on the Board of Regents.
Then one day there was one.
Then two.
The next thing you knew all the Regents were preachers.
That lead to the demise of the college.
It lost it’s accreditation.
Eventually it reopened without the preachers.
It is now under another name.
But there aren’t any preachers involved in the running of it.
I watched these bible pounder clowns infect the Republican Party in Texas starting around 1984.
It just went down hill after that until 1992.
They finally drove the Republican Party into the ground with Georgie Bush #43 at the controls.
There is a reason you do not mix religion with government.
The last time they tried that in America they ended up burning people at the stake.
These clowns just have to show off their religion at every chance.
It’s like they have nothing else to offer.
And if things go tits up, they say it was, “Gods will.
Leave us with their mess to clean up.
In Stafford, Texas a couple of years ago the city council put a stop to any more places of worship to open in the town.
There were so many that there was not enough tax money to operate the town.
If they opened anymore then they were going to have to raise peoples taxes in order to make up for the short fall.
That means all those tax free places of worship would then be sucking off the American Taxpayer.
The local businesses consisted of two gas station vis-a-vis convince stores and a bowling alley.
Of course you had clowns like Pat Robertson who had to through in his addled two cents.
He gibbered on his TV show about it.
They tried to make the city council look like real anti religious goons.
Fact is, they were doing their job and protecting the people of Stafford from having to pay out their hard earned money to support a bunch of “non- profit” groups.
Sorry, we’re not here to pay or support places of worship.
Now we have a board that is headed by a bible pounder.
He does not care about the children’s quality of education.
He only cares about making a back door change in order to sneak religion into the class room.
They tried it in different ways.
They try to have the Bible studied as Literature.
No. Sorry. Nice try.
Then there is the comparative study ploy. Then there is the Intelligence Design ploy.
Now they are attempting to redo history…again.
Sorry campers.
Then there is that approach that separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution of the United States.
Well guess what, they are right.
On that point.
But they won’t tell you that there isn’t an official religion of the country or a state religion.
Maybe they might want to go back and study the History of the American Colonies when we a part of England and that the Church of England was the Official Religion of England.
And we were part of England.
They seem to ignore the fact that many came to this country to have FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.
These people risked it all on a long ocean voyage that by todays standards would curl you toes.
If you didn’t die of disease on the way over.
Or die form an illness.
Or if the ship sunk.
It was that dangerous.
But thousands did.
And lots died trying.
But they just won’t bring that up.
Maybe if they did they’d find themselves in a very hard fought battle to pull off what they just did.
Oh well, their actions, which were not stopped will only lead to many civil cases in the courts.
Had they been held accountable, these cases which will come would never have had to happen.
Pray in One Hand,
Piss in the Other….
and see which one fills up first…..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pole-Dancing Miss USA a Conundrum for Muslims

Pole-Dancing Miss USA a Conundrum for Muslims
This is America.
Pictures of her competing in a Detroit radio’s station’s “Stripper 101” pole dancing contest held in 2007 have hit the net.
Okay so she won the thing. She got her own stripper pole and adult toys.
Honestly, she sounds like my kinda girl…
So she came here as a baby. She attended a “Christian” school but celebrates both Muslim and Christian faiths.
Well, ok, so the religion thing does tend to through a wrench into things but I think I might be able to over look it.
There are those saying it’s cool. And those who you’ll find anywhere called “tight asses” who have problems with her in a two piece swim suit.
I’m sure the women went through a ton of wax to be able to wear it.
And then there are the “Muslims” who won’t like the clothes she wears. I know people of other faiths who won’t like the clothes she wears.
Most of them wish they could fit in the clothes she wears.
Then you have the ones saying she has family in terrorist groups.
What about those in the us who blow up abortion clinics and shoot doctors that perform abortions?
Aren’t those terrorist acts?
Sure they are.
Oh, sorry, they have “God” behind them…
Now there are those who see her wining as an honor and that the Arabs and Muslims in the US are part of America.
This is how I feel about.
When I travel out of the country I look upon myself as a guest.
I must be a good guest and abide by the hosts rules.
I avoid a ton of problems and troubles when I travel.
I have looked at moving to another country.
I know if I do so I will:
A. Have to learn speak their language
B. Have to learn to read their language.
B. Adjust to their customs and ways of doing things.
So when I hear people saying that they aren’t happy with someone like the new Miss America, my response is…
You don’t like seeing her in a two piece swim suit?
Turn the page.
Change the channel.
Cover your eyes.
You want to live here?
Then live like the people here do.
If you have a problem with that, you are free to leave at any time.
Now I didn’t use to be that way, but I’m becoming that way.
I guess what I’m seeing is people from certain parts of the world wanting a better life and moving to the west.
Well we do things differently here.
We have a better life.
That’s usually why people move to a new place.
So if getting a better life means you have to make some changes, THEN DEAL WITH IT AND CHANGE! ADAPT. FIT IN. GET LAID. GET LAID OFTEN. Geezzzz
Like the man said, “You don’t change the village to fit the village idiot.”
Personally I’d like to know what she did with the pole and the adult toys….
I know I know, if I was religious I’d burn in hell……

So what are your thought on this?

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Response to National Prayer Day.....

In response to the National Day of Prayer, or rather, the National Day of “Trying to do something without actually doing anything” I offer up a,
“National Atheist and Freethinkers Day of SLEEPING IN!
Instead of people ruining their knees by kneeling on them all day long….
Instead of people prostrating themselves on the floor and getting dirty…
Instead of people having to face a certain directing and bending back and forth six times a day…
Instead of people not having an alcoholic drink of some sort…
Instead of people not being able to enjoy oysters, shrimp, crab, or lobster…..
Instead of people not being able to enjoy a delicious grilled hand and cheese sandwich….
Instead of people giving something up they enjoy for a few weeks….
Instead of people having to haul their rears out of bed early on Saturday or Sunday mornings…..
Instead of people having to hang out at a place of worship on Friday when they should be at Happy Hour…
Instead of people having to deal with incontinences put upon them by their religious beliefs….
Everyone regardless of their race, religion, or national origin gets to STAY IN BED AND GET SOME WELL DESERVED SLEEP.
Everyone regardless of race, religion or national origin will be well rested and refreshed.
Morning traffic will be reduced.
Combustion engine emissions will be reduced.
Millions of gallons of fuels well be saved.
Wrecks and fender benders will be reduced.
No one will be speaking in tongues because they’ll all be asleep, and snoring.
Couples can have a chance at some unrushed “slap and tickle.”
Fox News, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh can rail against the “liberals” and God Damn Atheists and Freethinkers because everyone is asleep and not listening to their shows.
Rachael Maddow can show up to MSNBC in her flannel PJs and slippers.
Keith Oberman doesn’t have to worry about having a stroke while going after the conservatives.
The Catholic Church doesn’t have to open early for morning services.
Sarah Palin can have a new ghost written book about the “God Damn Atheist and the Liberals undermining the American way by finally letting the people of the United States get some sleep.”

Now, there will be those who protest.
There always are.
I’m sure Pat Robertson will tell everyone that “Jesus slept for your sins…”
There will be that one mullah who’ll blame it all on the decadent west and the posturepedic mattress because, well, the Prophet didn’t have one….just a carpet.
And the rabbi who’ll complain that, “Mosses his followers didn’t get to roam the desert for forty years by staying in bed all day….And don’t think God doesn’t know.

Of course the Buddhists response to all this will be, “Sleep happens…”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ten Commandments but not 610 Jewish Commandments.....

Sarah…Palin was being interviewed and said something to the effect that the United States laws were based on the Ten Commandments.
This only proves that the quality of the American Education system is in very bad need of repair.
And to think that this individual could have been a heart beat away from the Presidency.
Now, mind you I know this women is out to make a buck.
She does not care what she says.
She does not care if anyone gets hurt by what she says.
She does not care if there are any ramifications from her speeches.
She put the “dollar” above her duties as the duty elected Governor of Alaska.
She did not care about her supporters.
She did not care about the people of Alaska.
She did not care that she “burned” those who worked to put her into the Governor office of Alaska.
It’s all about the “dollar.”
Now she’s out saying that the United States laws are based or should be based on the Ten Commandments.

Well how about we “bump it up a notch” and instead of just using the Ten Commandments, we use the JEWISH COMMANDMENTS!
There are 610 Commandments that the Jewish religions must follow.
Not 10.
Not 20.
Not 30...
BUT 610!

Funny thing, this guy named Jesus was Jewish.
He had to follow all 610 of them.
Supposedly Palin is one of his “followers” when not chasing the almighty dollar.
So doesn’t just stand to reason that if this guy name Jesus had to follow all 610, don’t you think one of his most out spoken followers should follow the same 610?

Now that just might put a kink in Falin’s …er Palin’s reasoning…If there is any reasoning.
But we all know the dirty truth.
Palin is out to make a buck.
Plain and simple, it’s all about the money.

Now I’ve mentioned before in another posting that I’m all for putting Commandments in the public schools.
I want the JEWISH COMMANDMENTS put in the schools.
All 610 of them.
Hey, this guy name Jesus had to follow them so why not his followers?
And hey, the Jewish kids already follow them so part of the battle of getting the kids to do so has already gotten a foothold.
What more could you ask?

When the United States was created the laws did away with Kings, Queens, and noble titles. There wasn’t an official religion for the country. The Founding Father’s had good reason for that. Seems that King George III was also the head of the Church of England. They had first hand experience under that kind of rule.
They didn’t want it.
Hint hint hint.
Again, this shows the failings of the American education system because if Palin had had a decent education she would have known this.
But she bounced around colleges like a ball bounces off a wall.

While I don’t put much if any “stock” of what Palin saids, what bothers me is that there are those who do.
And it’s these individuals that scare me.

So what’s your take on this?