Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One for the Money...Two for the Show...

I haven’t posted in a while. To be honest with you, I’ve really found nothing that has made me want to “post.” But in the last couple of days, the election of a Senator in Kentucky, where Rand Paul is running has caused me to want to post.

Politics is a dirty thing. Name calling, accusations, mudslinging, are the “standard.” You have to have a thick skin to be in that field. Sarah Palin is one who really shouldn’t. Her skin is very very thin. But this isn’t about her.

As you know, I’m an atheist. I have been one since age six. I guess that makes me what is “wrong” with America and the world. In some arenas I can only assume that I am the “root” of all “evil.” But that also means I don’t vote for a candidate due to their religion or religious views. Nor do I accept a candidate for public office that has a religious leader backing them. You can then safely assume that I am a firm believer in the “Separation of Church and State.”

Now as of late the concept of “Separation of Church and State” has been debated. Many attribute it to Thomas Jefferson. But the concept was around long before Mr. Jefferson was born. It wasn’t anything new Mr. Jefferson created. But that oddly enough, is ever brought up.

But has caused me to post has to do with Rand Paul one time beliefs and actions. The actions were something he did while in college. His belief was a form of Buddhism. Now, I’m in no way a Rand Paul supporter. I currently live in his father’s congressional district here in Texas.

What I am posting about is not about Rand’s politics, but the fact that his opponent has gone after his onetime “beliefs.”

What a sad state of affairs we are in. Rand’s political views or economic views are not important. But his onetime religious views are. In our country the Constitution and Bill of Rights state that there shall not be a “religious” test for office. This fixing on Rand’s onetime religious practice is or should be a non-issue in the election. But then, when you are dealing with a group filled with angry people, anything you can direct their angry at, especially if it is one of their own candidates, I guess it is a good thing.

I think such actions are total “clap trap.” And as an American I think we, the people, ought to expect better from those who seek public office. And what’s more, I think it is time we began to demand better.

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