Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meanwhile in the USA: Preacher Jealous of a Real and Successful Entertainer

Rev. Fred Phelps, hungry for any press vis-a-vis attention has yet again made another outlandish statement .
I guess they all want to be the next Falwell or Robertson or Olsteen.
I kind of equate them to famous rock stars.
It's just that Robertson, Olsteen and the late (not late enough) Falwell come across as wanna be rock stars in the religious entertainment industry.
They have their TV shows, they have their big audiences, they have their big stages and their big productions.
Aren't their "Mega" churches meant for that? High end religious entertainment productions?

The makeup artists! The production staff! The control room! The show director! The lights! The cameras! ACTION!
Well it seems that Rev. Freddy Phelps is off attacking the latest female "thing" in sexy outfits in the world of Rock.
I think because this entertainer is in the press, on the air ways, and has some commercials.
And she does this wearing all those neat, suggestive, sexy outfits.
That only someone of a certain age and figure can wear.

Not me.
I know my limits.
No Italian fashions for me.
And no Speedo swim suits either.
I really don't want to go through my life with the memory of men, women and children gazing upon me in a Speedo, then throwing their hands up to cover their eyes and hear their shrill screams of, "MY EYES MY EYES I'M BLIND!
There's enough horror in the world as it is.
Enough about me....

This young female entertainer who is meeting with success has now become his target.
Oh come on. You know as well as I do these clowns need someone to "hate" to give their sad little lives some "meaning."
His target is Lady Gaga.
It's a true piety that Lady Gaga must now have this leach attempt to gain some notoriety through her hard earned success.

The entertainment business is exceedingly competitive.
For those who succeed off their hard work, sacrifice and effort there are countless scores who don't.

Enter Rev. Fred Phelps hoping to ride in the slip stream of Lady Gaga's success.

Here's the story:

Rev. Fred Phelps: 'God Hates Lady Gaga'
Dec 23, by Marc Schneider

Fans have a new reason to love Lady Gaga now that the notorious Westboro Baptist Church officially hates the singer.

The Kansas-based congregation, helmed by Rev. Fred Phelps and consisting largely of his offspring, announced plans Wednesday to picket Gaga's Jan. 7 show in St. Louis, calling the 'Bad Romance' star a "hussy" and a heathen for "seducing a generation."

A press release for the 'God Hates Lady Gaga' protest contains no mention of the church's signature issue, hatin' gays and such, but one can assume they don't approve of Gaga's bisexual leanings and tolerance of homosexuality.

Instead, the folks who shamefully protest funerals of fallen servicemen focus on Gaga's artistic merit. "There's nothing new or different about this particular hussy's pretentious prancing," the statement reads.

Further, Westboro implores Gaga's fans not to be seduced by her charms.

"Even as she gives lip-service to 'liberating' her young fans, Lady Gaga brings them into slavery to their own corruption, teaching them to glory in their shame. She hates you!"

In case you're itching to join the protest or any counter-protests, here's the info: Thursday, Jan. 7 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm outside the (fabulous!) Fox Theatre, 527 N. Grand Blvd., St. Louis MO.

So what's your take on this?
I didn't know God hated Lady Gaga. I didn't know "God" had a " hate list ." Silly old atheist me. When I hear all these Bible or Koran or what ever religious book they have to pound on, say that "God loves you..." I thought that was all inclusive.
I guess some exceptions do apply

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