Monday, November 9, 2009

Bus Driver Forces Passengers to Pray

WSBTV in Atlanta reported that MARTA bus driver, Leroy Matthews, was suspended for five days after forcing passengers to pray with him.

Passenger Christopher James was trying to exit the bus, but Matthews wouldn't let him. Instead the driver asked him to join hands with him and three other passengers to pray. James was so taken aback by the request that he agreed to the four minute prayer session.

A MARTA spokesman told reporters that it was unclear what they prayed about, but that it was clear that his behavior violated MARTA policy.

Mathews, a six-year MARTA veteran, returned to work as usual. Passenger James, however, remains skeptical, "I don't want to pray to get off MARTA, you know."

Now, if this is reversed and an atheist asked a passenger NOT TO PRAY........

What are your thoughts on this?

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