Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do As We Say Or We'll Send You To Hell...... You're Local Catholic Bishop

Well it seems that some “religious” organizations still think that they can control people and rule the world.
I don’t hate to break this to them but it is the year 2009.
That poor Jewish guy that got nailed to a cross, or so we are told, died well over 2009 years ago.
He’s dead.
Deal with it.

The Catholic Church has decided that they, not the American people are going to decide the issue of abortion in the United States of America.
Let me tell you something, my ancestors came to this country a few hundred years ago when it was still a colony of the English.
Around 1776 they told the King of England, who also happened to be the head of the Church of England, and a few other Kings, Queens and religious leaders, including the “Pope” that they, or rather, “We the People….” are going to decide our own fiat.
No King. No Queen. No Pope. No Mullah. No Rabbi. No Monk. No Preacher. Nor Priest, are going to tell us what we can or cannot do.
Throughout the history of Western Civilization the Catholic Church and it’s leaders have really pulled some fast ones.
The French finally had enough of the Catholic Church during their revolution. Up to the revolution the Catholic Church controlled between 80 to 90% on the land in France.
That ended real quick like.
To this day the French have real set rules about religion and religions.
And they have reason too.

We’ve seen in the past few months that the Catholic Church has decided to use it’s members to shove their “morality” down the American people’s throat.
There are a couple of members of Congress who are working to stop that. Not many. Just two.
Here is a link to a story on what the Catholic Church is doing to certain members.

This one happens to be a member of the Kennedy family. Yes the man is a Catholic. And they are trying to influence this work in Congress.
Since they want to “influence” an ELECTED OFFICIAL OF THE US GOVERNMENT, what say they start paying TAXES like the rest of us.

Now let’s bump this up a bit.
What if this had been a Mullah?
Oh, you know the answer to that one. The Bible Pounders and religious crazies would be coming out of the wood work. The Talking Heads would be screaming about on their TV and radio talk shows.
Talking points would be flying.
They’d be calling the Mullah that tried that a “Radical” Islamic Terrorist. Heck, if he was lucky they’d just call him a “terrorist.”
There is a reason why Henry VIII and people like Martin Luther had had enough. They’d had enough of the little old men sitting on their throne in Rome.

One day, hopefully soon, these fools will realize that we now know where babies come from.
That the earth is NOT the center of the universe.
That if you masturbate you WON’T go to hell.
That the earth is NOT FLAT.
That food that grows beneath the earth is not from HELL.

What’s your take on this?

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